Super Fridgie rescues Alfred’s Kitchen commercial refrigeration equipment

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Alfred’s Kitchen has been a Perth landmark for 70 years and is a long term client of Carroll Refrigeration.  Super Fridgie solutions include servicing, maintaining and installing new refrigeration equipment. Super Fridgie also Carriage at Alfred's Kitchencompleting a multitude of electrical work.

Alfred’s Kitchen is the longest running roadside burger restaurant. Being a landmark in Perth for 70 years they are now open for lunch on the weekends. Mmmm pea and ham soup to die for!!!!

Super Fridgie to the Rescue

In 2016 CRE and Super Fridgie speedily flew in to work on the new railway carriage. As a result they now have indoor seating for their patrons. CRE installed air conditioning and lights and all the electrical work. Managing to get the carriage connected to the grid and ready on time.

Super FridgieAs well as the railway carriage, CRE repaired refrigeration equipment in the restaurant. Also Super Fridgie replaced Neon advertising signs. Only a fridgie with super powers has qualifications to work on electricity at this level.

Carroll Refrigeration provides the whole solution for Alfred’s Kitchen. The products division has supplied Alfred’s Kitchen with 2 new fridges. Replacing old worn out fridgies no longer economic to repair.

Carroll Refrigeration Products has a vast array of commercial refrigeration brands and products to choose from.