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With trusty van and tools at the ready Super Fridgie solves another ongoing problem.   In summer time if a cool Condenser too close to wallroom runs warmer than it should and the equipment is in good working order, the problem can be the location of the equipment.  Good air flow is imperative for a condenser to be able to work efficiently and effectively or it can cause the compressor to fail.  This would result in an emergency call to Super Fridgie to get things fixed asap.

When installed in a small court yard, against a wall with a cover over the top and in direct sun light, it is only a matter of time before things go wrong.   The Commercial Refrigeration equipment is working extremely hard trying to reach the desired temperature.   All the while your power bill is growing – a pet hate of Super Fridgie.

Super Fridgie

Rica and Derek from NeHo Asian Tapas had this exact problem.  He took Super Fridgie’s advice and had the condenser for his cool room relocated into an open air situation where it can breathe.   Super Fridgie also made a protective cover from the direct sun light which helps the condenser work efficiently – saving power.

Before relocating the condenser Rica’s cool room was running at 12 degrees on hot days.  Within 3 hours of the relocation the temperature had dropped to 4 degrees.

Condenser on roof with cover

Having the same problem? Not sure what to do.Weigh up the cost of the following to see if you need a similar solution:

•Extra power used

•Loss of food

•Inevitable failure of unit due to overheating

If you find you are having similar or other ongoing problem please call Super Fridgie and he can discuss options to extend the life and efficiency of your equipment, saving you money.

Trust Super Fridgie to find super innovative solutions for your commercial refrigeration problems.

‘Peter & Robin from CRE were fantastic, they respond to our issue quickly when we called them. Peter took the time to investigate the issue, and explain to us clearly what caused the problem. We took his advise, and he helped us to relocate the condenser to the roof top where it has more air flow. This was done on a very hot day, they did such a good job. The quality of service is superb. Thanks guys.’  Derek & Rica NeHo Asian Tapas. 24/1/17