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Buying a Business?

Need a evaluation before you buy?

Are you buying a business with refrigeration and / or electrical equipment?  Ordering an evaluation report on the state of the equipment could save you money.  It will also provide peace of mind.  Buying a business is a big decision. Knowing the condition of the equipment will allow you to negotiate better sale terms.
Do you know the condition of the equipment you are buying with the business?  CRE can check the condition and our report will let you know if there are any issues.
Would you buy a house without a builders report or a pest inspection report?
Would you buy a car without a warranty?
CRE can look at your equipment and give professional advice. Information on what needs doing now and what may need doing in the future.  We can check your equipment and give you a written report.
Are you getting a warranty from the person who is selling you the equipment?
Get a qualified Refrigeration Mechanic to check the equipment and give you a report.

Time to call CRE and get an honest evaluation.

Does the business you are buying come with:
  • Coolroom
  • Freezer
  • Cabinets
  • Ice Machines / Ice Banks
  • Deli Cabinets
  • Serve Overs
  • Even the humble 2 door fridge.


Restaurant for Sale by Owner
Do not buy without getting a qualified expert to tell what needs doing or may need doing in the future. We can also tag and test your equipment to meet OHS safety standards.