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Refrigeration Mechanics require a compulsory license

Refrigerants can be dangerous.  They also affect our atmosphere.  This requires a refrigeration mechanic to have the necessary licenses.  The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) was first engaged in 2005 by the Minister for Environment & Water Resources. ARC governs Ozone Protection & Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations. ARC also manage licensing requirements of those who work with refrigerants.  Be it in a refrigeration system or air conditioning systems. 

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Every refrigeration mechanic must have an individual Refrigerant Handling Licence (RHL).  An apprentice also needs an RHL.

A business must have Refrigerant Trading Authority (RTA). To ensure you have a qualified refrigeration mechanic working on your equipment request to see their licence numbers.

An individual licence starts with LO and a business authority starts with AU.

The ARC handles granting refrigerant handling licenses for individuals. They also handle refrigerant trading authorisations, held by businesses, approved under the Regulations.  ARC conducts audits on companies with a trading authority every 2 years. Therefore ensuring compliance with regulations.
So it is important to ensure your refrigeration mechanic has a current license to handle refrigerants.   Keep yourself, your staff, your customers and your environment safe.  Contact our Super Fridgie for all you refrigeration AND electrical needs.
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