Helpful tips prevent the ceiling and walls of your cool room rotting?

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What causes and how can you Prevent cool room walls & ceiling rotting?

If your cool room is not in peak condition you could run the risk of stock spoilage, high electricity bills through poor energy efficiency and down time caused by breakdowns.  In the meantime you could be shortening the life span of your cool room system.

Complying with Health & Safety regulations will minimise maintenance, reduce your power bills and increase the life of your refrigeration unit.   This should be part of your regular cool room maintenance programme.

Potential Causes

• Moisture is in the walls or ceiling panel.

• Improper installation of the room.

• Vapour barrier is missing.

Potential Solutions

• Reconstruction of the room. However, determine why and how it happened to prevent moisture getting in again.

• Re-insulate, possibly with a different insulation.

• A vapour barrier may not be advisable depending on use.

If you have rotting ceiling and / or walls you will need to contact a coolroom repair company.  Don’t wait.  This needs attention without delay.  Health Dept regulations state: “Walls and ceiling to be suitable for the activities and be unable to to absorb grease, food particles or water, be easily cleaned and to the extent that is practicable not provide harbourage of pests.”