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Commercial Refrigeration Perth

Commercial Refrigeration Perth

When it comes to Refrigeration Services are you aware most condensers are undersized for the hot weather experienced in WA? During our peak hot periods freezers and cool rooms struggle.  CRE can help rectify this problem.

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CRE provide businesses with innovative solutions to survive in the hot Perth summers. They minimise stock losses, power usage and business owner worry.
CRE are dual qualified commercial Refrigeration Engineers and licensed Electricians. They can diagnose the problem and get your refrigeration system repaired, serviced, or replaced with the least fuss. You only need to deal with one company, without having to involve many parties. Saving you headaches and thousands of dollars in downtime and damaged stocks.
When failed parts are changed they are shown to the customer. In addition if the equipment is on the roof and you do not want to venture up there we take photos to show you.  You will see photos of both the failed and newly installed parts.
Carroll Refrigeration Services vehicles carry a lot of stock. By having this stock on board there is no need to go to the wholesalers in your time, saving you money.
Repairs for commercial refrigeration Perth are available – 24 hours 7 days a week.  In the event you have an ongoing problem that never seems to be solved, put their excellent faulty finding and customer service skills to the test.  Call the CRE team for help or advice.  Phone 1300 123 CRE.

We service and repair all commercial refrigeration equipment:

Double Door Freezer

Two Door Freezers

Double door chiller

Two Door Upright Fridges

Bakery Water Chiller

Bakery Water Chillers

Meat Display Cabinet

Butchery Serve Overs

Clean Room


Cool room

Cool Rooms & Freezer Rooms

Freezer Room


Ice Machine


Fruit & Vegetable Display

Fruit and Veg Displays

Meat Display

Meat Display Cabinets

Serve Over Chiller

Serve Over Fridges

Under Bench Chiller

Under Bench Fridges