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Having a Cool Room running warmer than desired creates anxiety and stress.  You may lose your product.  Call Carroll Refrigeration and Electrical to save time, money and stress.

Potential Causes for Cool Room problems

• System is low on refrigerant

• Insufficient insulation in hot weather

• Insufficient ventilation

• Dark roof and hot sunny days

• Insufficient Airflow or airflow is not uniform

• Thermostat location that senses cold temperatures

 Potential Solutions for Cool Room problems

• Installing more refrigerant in a system that is low, is only a temporary measure.  Refrigeration systems do NOT use refrigerant. The only way a system can be low is if there is a leak.  Therefore, if this is the problem, it is imperative to find the leak and fix it. Yet, finding a leak can sometime be difficult. Electronic leak detectors help refrigeration mechanics find the leak.

• There are many thicknesses of insulating panel. So, ensure you have insulation thick enough to give you the best year-round use

• Do not install the equipment where it will recirculate it’s own hot air. Locating the remote equipment in a well ventilated area so it can breathe.

• Perth weather can be very hot. Dark coloured roofs are very hot. A light coloured roof can be up to 18 degrees cooler than a dark roof. Paint the roof white.

• Use of smoke generators can locate dead air spots. Options include relocating the evaporator coils, increasing the capacity of fans number of fans. You can also rearrange storage containers to allow more uniform airflow.

• Install thermostats in the average room airflow. If possible in return airflow to evaporator coils. Do not locate thermostats on cold walls, near doors, or near the cold air leaving evaporator coils.

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