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Cool Room warmer than desired?

Having a Cool Room running warmer than desired creates anxiety and stress.  You may lose your product.  Call Carroll Refrigeration and Electrical to save time, money and stress.

Potential Causes for Cool Room problems

• System is low on refrigerant

• Insufficient insulation in hot weather

• Insufficient ventilation

• Dark roof and hot sunny days

• Insufficient Airflow or airflow is not uniform

• Thermostat location that senses cold temperatures

 Potential Solutions for Cool Room problems

• Installing more refrigerant in a system that is low, is only a temporary measure.  Refrigeration systems do NOT use refrigerant. The only way a system can be low is if there is a leak.  Therefore, if this is the problem, it is imperative to find the leak and fix it. Yet, finding a leak can sometime be difficult. Electronic leak detectors help refrigeration mechanics find the leak.

• There are many thicknesses of insulating panel. So, ensure you have insulation thick enough to give you the best year-round use

• Do not install the equipment where it will recirculate it’s own hot air. Locating the remote equipment in a well ventilated area so it can breathe.

• Perth weather can be very hot. Dark coloured roofs are very hot. A light coloured roof can be up to 18 degrees cooler than a dark roof. Paint the roof white.

• Use of smoke generators can locate dead air spots. Options include relocating the evaporator coils, increasing the capacity of fans number of fans. You can also rearrange storage containers to allow more uniform airflow.

• Install thermostats in the average room airflow. If possible in return airflow to evaporator coils. Do not locate thermostats on cold walls, near doors, or near the cold air leaving evaporator coils.

Carroll Refrigeration & Electrical care for your business.  Call Super Fridgie for all your refrigeration repairs and maintenance.  Phone 0487 282 734

Super Fridgie rescues Alfred’s Kitchen commercial refrigeration equipment

Alfred’s Kitchen has been a Perth landmark for 70 years and is a long term client of Carroll Refrigeration.  Super Fridgie solutions include servicing, maintaining and installing new refrigeration equipment. Super Fridgie also Carriage at Alfred's Kitchencompleting a multitude of electrical work.

Alfred’s Kitchen is the longest running roadside burger restaurant. Being a landmark in Perth for 70 years they are now open for lunch on the weekends. Mmmm pea and ham soup to die for!!!!

Super Fridgie to the Rescue

In 2016 CRE and Super Fridgie speedily flew in to work on the new railway carriage. As a result they now have indoor seating for their patrons. CRE installed air conditioning and lights and all the electrical work. Managing to get the carriage connected to the grid and ready on time.

Super FridgieAs well as the railway carriage, CRE repaired refrigeration equipment in the restaurant. Also Super Fridgie replaced Neon advertising signs. Only a fridgie with super powers has qualifications to work on electricity at this level.

Carroll Refrigeration provides the whole solution for Alfred’s Kitchen. The products division has supplied Alfred’s Kitchen with 2 new fridges. Replacing old worn out fridgies no longer economic to repair.

Carroll Refrigeration Products has a vast array of commercial refrigeration brands and products to choose from.

4 Tips defeat Commercial Refrigerators Perth – temperature fluctuations!

Problems with temperature fluctuations

Commercial Refrigerators Perth Repair Services

Potential Causes

• The thermostat is not located in the ideal location hence it is not sensing average temperature of the room

• Airflow is not uniform throughout storage, air cannot flow easily in all areas

• Temperature difference across the evaporator coils is too large to maintain constant temperature

• Poor quality or insensitive thermostats

Potential Solutions

• Installing the thermostat in average room airflow will help.  The best location is usually in the return airflow to evaporator coils.  Keep the thermostat away from cold air leaving the coils, or hot product placed in the fridge.  Place thermostats away from warm/cold walls, doors and lights.

• So that you can locate dead air spots use a smoke generator. Install extra fans. Being that storage containers can prevent airflow and circulation, rearrange ensuring they are not packed tightly and do not touch the sides.  Also relocate evaporator coils or increase the capacity of their fans (if possible).

• For the purpose of lowering the temperature difference across the evaporator coils, adjust the controls.

• In general use quality controllers.  Also keep equipment well maintained is essential for uniform temperature control and vital for maintaining product quality.

Call Super Fridgie for all your Commercial Refrigeration & Electrical breakdown & service repair work. 0487282734


Helpful tips prevent the ceiling and walls of your cool room rotting?

Super Fridgie Tips

What causes and how can you Prevent cool room walls & ceiling rotting?

If your cool room is not in peak condition you could run the risk of stock spoilage, high electricity bills through poor energy efficiency and down time caused by breakdowns.  In the meantime you could be shortening the life span of your cool room system.

Complying with Health & Safety regulations will minimise maintenance, reduce your power bills and increase the life of your refrigeration unit.   This should be part of your regular cool room maintenance programme.

Potential Causes

• Moisture is in the walls or ceiling panel.

• Improper installation of the room.

• Vapour barrier is missing.

Potential Solutions

• Reconstruction of the room. However, determine why and how it happened to prevent moisture getting in again.

• Re-insulate, possibly with a different insulation.

• A vapour barrier may not be advisable depending on use.

If you have rotting ceiling and / or walls you will need to contact a coolroom repair company.  Don’t wait.  This needs attention without delay.  Health Dept regulations state: “Walls and ceiling to be suitable for the activities and be unable to to absorb grease, food particles or water, be easily cleaned and to the extent that is practicable not provide harbourage of pests.”


Reduce product producing off-flavours or odours with this SUPER FRIDGIE TIP

Super Fridgie Tip Off Flavour - Celery

Super Fridgie Tip

Potential Cause

• Fresh produce affects by other plants transferring odours and /or off flavours.

Potential Solution

• Cabbage, celery, garlic, lettuce, onions, potatoes, onions are some plants that give off odours. Keep these separate to other product.

• Off flavours in fruit and vegetables happens naturally as they mature and ripen. However, you can reduce off flavours by good post-harvest management. Effective cold chain storage reduces respiration. Ensure this happens at every stage. Ie transport, marketing and storage. Maintain enough oxygen through adequate ventilation will also reduce off flavours occurring.  After all  this is your inventory.  Check you cold chain storage. 

Without delay call Super Fridgie for all your commercial refrigeration concerns.  1300 123 CRE.



Super Fridgie provides innovative solutions

With trusty van and tools at the ready Super Fridgie solves another ongoing problem.   In summer time if a cool Condenser too close to wallroom runs warmer than it should and the equipment is in good working order, the problem can be the location of the equipment.  Good air flow is imperative for a condenser to be able to work efficiently and effectively or it can cause the compressor to fail.  This would result in an emergency call to Super Fridgie to get things fixed asap.

When installed in a small court yard, against a wall with a cover over the top and in direct sun light, it is only a matter of time before things go wrong.   The Commercial Refrigeration equipment is working extremely hard trying to reach the desired temperature.   All the while your power bill is growing – a pet hate of Super Fridgie.

Super Fridgie

Rica and Derek from NeHo Asian Tapas had this exact problem.  He took Super Fridgie’s advice and had the condenser for his cool room relocated into an open air situation where it can breathe.   Super Fridgie also made a protective cover from the direct sun light which helps the condenser work efficiently – saving power.

Before relocating the condenser Rica’s cool room was running at 12 degrees on hot days.  Within 3 hours of the relocation the temperature had dropped to 4 degrees.

Condenser on roof with cover

Having the same problem? Not sure what to do.Weigh up the cost of the following to see if you need a similar solution:

•Extra power used

•Loss of food

•Inevitable failure of unit due to overheating

If you find you are having similar or other ongoing problem please call Super Fridgie and he can discuss options to extend the life and efficiency of your equipment, saving you money.

Trust Super Fridgie to find super innovative solutions for your commercial refrigeration problems.

‘Peter & Robin from CRE were fantastic, they respond to our issue quickly when we called them. Peter took the time to investigate the issue, and explain to us clearly what caused the problem. We took his advise, and he helped us to relocate the condenser to the roof top where it has more air flow. This was done on a very hot day, they did such a good job. The quality of service is superb. Thanks guys.’  Derek & Rica NeHo Asian Tapas. 24/1/17

New Division to Carroll Refrigeration

Carroll Refrigeration has grown into Carroll Refrigeration Group.  Carroll Refrigeration GroupCRG is very excited announcing the launch of a new division in their business. Introducing the commercial refrigeration equipment on-line store – Carroll Refrigeration Products (CRP).  Currently we have 5 brands and many models are available. For example Bromic, Hoshizaki, Liebherr, Skope and Williams.  Of course, if you have a particular need and it is not on the website we can source it for you.
Uniquely all your refrigeration needs are now met through one company. Carroll Refrigeration & Electrical is still the Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance Division. Carroll Refrigeration Products replace your old Commercial Refrigeration equipment with new.  Purchasing new refrigeration equipment can be costly.  So if upfront costs interrupt cash flow CRP can arrange a rental agreement.   For example, terms of 3, 4 and 5 years are available.  
Now that Carroll Refrigeration can take care of all your refrigeration concerns all you need is to ring one number.

Carroll Refrigeration Group Services

  • Sale of new products
  • Hire/Lease of new products
  • Servicing, maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Installations and upgrades
  • Associated refrigeration electrical services
  • Other commercial electrical work
Consequently, there are advantages to dealing with one company through an established working relationship are:
  • Solve your problem(s) quickly and SAVE TIME 
  • Follow an easy process
  • Know who to call when you have a problem
  • Know who to call when multiple trades work on your equipment. No more to-ing and fro-ing between them
  • Have quality assurance in the work done.

Visit our websites:

Therefore call the following numbers for the different divisions:

For Repair and maintenance work:  1300 123 CRE

For Sales and service of new equipment:  0435 116 824.