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Problems with temperature fluctuations

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Potential Causes

• The thermostat is not located in the ideal location hence it is not sensing average temperature of the room

• Airflow is not uniform throughout storage, air cannot flow easily in all areas

• Temperature difference across the evaporator coils is too large to maintain constant temperature

• Poor quality or insensitive thermostats

Potential Solutions

• Installing the thermostat in average room airflow will help.  The best location is usually in the return airflow to evaporator coils.  Keep the thermostat away from cold air leaving the coils, or hot product placed in the fridge.  Place thermostats away from warm/cold walls, doors and lights.

• So that you can locate dead air spots use a smoke generator. Install extra fans. Being that storage containers can prevent airflow and circulation, rearrange ensuring they are not packed tightly and do not touch the sides.  Also relocate evaporator coils or increase the capacity of their fans (if possible).

• For the purpose of lowering the temperature difference across the evaporator coils, adjust the controls.

• In general use quality controllers.  Also keep equipment well maintained is essential for uniform temperature control and vital for maintaining product quality.

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