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Who delivers quality Commercial Fridge Repairs Perth?
How do I know if the problem is mechanical or electrical?

Carroll Refrigeration & Electrical (CRE) is a family owned commercial refrigeration repair service in Perth. In addition, CRE have qualified refrigeration mechanics and master electricians available - dual trade qualifications.  For this reason, CRE can solve all your commercial refrigeration problems.

CRE care about businesses. As a result they care about their customers. They care about their own reputation. Therefore completing services in a timely and efficient manner is a priority.

Available Services for Commercial Fridge Repairs Perth

Whether its Mechanical or electrical breakdown CRE can assist. Given these points, having dual trade qualifications makes CRE your one stop shop for all repairs. Do you need: a light fixed; an extra power point; to meet electrical safety standards with tagging and testing; a switchboard upgrade; or mechanical breakdown repair? With this in mind CRE can carry out these services whilst on your premises.

Each CRE service vehicle carries a large range of commercial refrigeration parts. Not only does this saves you time but also money, getting your equipment fixed on the spot (subject to stock).

In summary, all you need to do is call one number.  Whenever you have a need for anything to do with commercial refrigeration call 1300 123 CRE.

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  • Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Supply of commercial cabinets - sales and hire (visit Carroll Refrigeration Products)
  • Keep in touch with CRE’s work. To follow the rescues, assists a and helping hands of Super Fridgie visit our News page.